xaqua Chronograph Version 2.0.2

A new version of xaqua Chronograph is just before the next launch.
What's new in version 2.0.2?

  • A cache for eight results (including interim periods) for each stop watch.
  • The stop watch continues to run even if the program is exited or the phone is turned off.
  • You can write a comment to each saved result.
  • A name is provided to each result. This makes scrolling through the cache easier and the
  • results can quickly be saved to the database.
  • New design of the overview.

xaqua Chronograph Express

Now the Express version of xaqua Chronograph is available in the marketplace:

NEW! xaqua Chronograph Express

In the next few hours [30.03.2012] version 1.0 of the xaqua Chronograph Express will reach the marketplace.

The xaqua chronograph Express has almost the same functionality as the big brother xaqau Chronograph.

The xaqua chronograph Express not offers the following features:

  • No results upload to the portal
  • No entry list and no entries download from the portal on the phone

xaqua Chronograph

The new version 1.2 of xaqua Chronograph has now [03/25/2012] reached the marketplace.

xaqua Chronograph

In the next few days, the new version 1.2 will reach the marketplace.

Look forward to the following features:

  • Adaptation to Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango)
  • New design with large buttons
  • Additional extra-large contact area for a blind operation (!)
  • SQL database for many of the results and entries
  • Support of the Italian language
  • Support of the Spanish language
  • Support of the French language

xaqua explorer

Now a new version of the xaqua-explorer is in work. Look forward to the new version 3.0, for you as interested in swim sports, active Swimmer and especially for you as a swimming coach, this new version will have many new and exciting features.

Estimated release date of the beta-version is the 2nd quarter of 2012.

Please visit us again soon, for it soon the first pictures and descriptions of the new version 3.0 will be published.